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Swedlock has specialized in developing smart locks for over 15 years. This company offers an impactful solution for many activities of great social importance, such as home care, rescue services, infrastructure and cleaning companies, among others. All of these functions, so important to a city administration for example, rely on a secure, integrated access point provided by Swedlock’s solution.

We built them a product that connects to and interacts with smart keys in order to obtain their statuses, assign access permits, unlock smart locks, and check out activity logs. It also provides technical users with a step-by-step process for installing, removing or replacing locks.


This client wanted to build an application for managing intelligent keys based on two roles: the Key Holder, which is this product’s final user, and the Service Technician, responsible for setting up the locks. This app should work in sync with the Key Holder’s physical key, which contains several digital keys integrated to it. This way, the app would identify the right option to open each lock, allowing the user to access different locks using only one key.

Before this product was launched, users needed to go to a SyncStation, which is a hardware device available in specific places, in order to obtain access to the smart keys of the system they were in need of. When we decided to collaborate with Swedlock on this project, we realized our main challenge was to deliver a software product that could offer the same features the SyncStation provided, but with the benefit of allowing users to do so from anywhere. Also, it would become a fundamental tool for Service Technicians during their process of installing, replacing or uninstalling locks.


The Swedlock app allows Key Holders to manage all of their smart keys and add, edit, or unlink any of them in a single place. Users can also visualize keys' statuses, activate them and obtain permits in a much easier process, since they won't need to go to a SyncStation physical location.

Service Technicians can set up new locks by reading a QR code, taking a picture, recording the lock’s geolocation, or other data sources. In addition to installing, they can replace and uninstall locks even without internet connection, since the app relies on an offline support mode that stores information. Later, it’s synced when there's internet access again.

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The app turned out to be a valuable complement to the product, enhancing the capabilities of technicians and key holders, both in terms of operational efficiency and productivity.

Update keys anywhere

As Key Holders and Service Technicians can now update their keys permits anywhere without needing to go to a SyncStation.

Better experience

Swedlock’s consumers have a better experience, much more flexible and simple. This is an important business differential in comparison with their previous platform.

Induction process

The app also allows a straightforward induction process of new Key Holders and Technicians by offering them valuable in-app tutorials.

Offline mode

Connectivity issues are no longer a limitation for the Technicians who can perform their tasks anywhere and under any internet conditions.

Service technicians

Service Technicians, in particular, gained in productivity since the app supports their work process when installing, replacing or uninstalling locks.

Values that we deliver

We focus on developing high-quality apps that are reliable, efficient, and user-friendly that can make a significant difference.
Continuous improvement
Innovation is a key factor of our compass, the constant need for growth comes to the office with us every day.
No great work can be achieved without honesty. For that to happen we keep an open minded attitude towards transparency.
Together we learn, improve, rediscover, question, and create. We are proud to say that, indeed, teamwork makes the dreamwork.

From scratch to a hi-fi prototype

To ensure a successful product development, our team conducted a thorough study of project requirements and client needs. We built user flows, validated ideas with lo-fi prototypes, and iterated with client feedback. We designed high-fidelity prototypes and an interactive InVision prototype for direct user validation by Key Holders and Service Technicians, which ultimately improved user experience and accelerated the development process.


These are some of the most important features the product currently has.

Bluetooth integration

This feature provides users with the ability to connect their key via Bluetooth directly from their mobile app and perform synchronization and activation from anywhere without having to rely on external hardware that was used before. This solution offers greater flexibility, convenience, and immediacy for its end-users.

Key management

Our new mobile app has made it easier than ever for users to manage all their keys from one place. Now pairing, syncing, updating, activating and managing your keys is all possible in one convenient location. This makes the key management process much simpler and more efficient for end users!

Position aware locks

Allows the app to determine if a lock has been accessed (locked/unlocked) in the correct position or not. This feature includes an alert functionality that notifies the user if they've forgotten to lock a specific lock in the correct position, as they move away from it.

Usage tutorials

These tutorials allow end users to have a quick and smooth onboarding experience, providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge of each feature to get the most out of the mobile app and its keys.

Locks management

Technicians can manage and track the installation, replacement, and removal of locks all through our app. One of the standout features of this functionality is that it also supports offline use, allowing technicians to work in areas with poor or no internet connectivity. Best part? They can sync their records once they are back online.

QR reading & camera

It enables technicians to quickly identify locks by scanning the printed QR code, streamlining installation, replacement and uninstallation processes with greater precision and speed. This saves technicians time and boosts their productivity.

Geolocation map

This allows technician users to simplify the lock installation process by using geolocation and maps. This not only increases the precision of lock placement, but also saves users time. We believe this feature will greatly enhance the user experience and improve our overall value proposition.

Dark mode

This functionality allows users to have a more personalized and comfortable user experience as they can adjust the user interface between a light and dark mode according to their preferences. This feature not only improves the application's aesthetics but can also have a positive impact on users' health and energy-saving on their devices.

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