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Glucosee is a company dedicated to providing solutions that improve the life quality of people with diabetes. Their gadget, Topsulin, is an electronic device that allows insulin-dependent diabetics to keep a daily record of glucose, carbohydrate and injected insulin values.

This innovative product comes along with a mobile app capable of recording sport, food and glycemic control activity in an attractive and simple-to-use interface. It also tracks the user’s blood glucose in the last hours and shows an editable and exportable recorded history. The app integrates with Topsulin via Bluetooth for settings and data collection.


Our client came to us looking for a partner that could help them create an intuitive and easy to use app, suitable for users of different ages.

One of their requirements was to make sure the integration with Topsulin was excellent, based on the Bluetooth standard, as well as through the use of personalized services.


We got started with a Discovery Stage in order to set the design and user experience guidelines. Afterwards we started the development cycle, focusing on the mobile app’s integration with Topsulin and other industry glucometers based on standard Bluetooth services.

"Since the very beginning of our engagement, we were able to foresee the product quality. We’re very satisfied with the work relationship generated between the teams."
José Bentacour
Co-Founder at Glucosee


Thanks to the app, users can manage their records and obtain detailed reports, achieving better control.

Detail input for doctors

Users can easily download all their clinic history or within a specific time period to bring it to their doctor for analysis.

Better data control

Through the application, it is possible to obtain reports and charts of the entered and synchronized data with the Topsulin device.

Cross devices support

Users can sync their Topsulin device with Glucosee app and, in case of not having one, they are able to connect their standard glucometer devices to sync all their information to the app and use the features.

Data registration 30% faster

By providing a good user experience, we achieved a significant reduction in data entry times compared to similar applications.

Values that we deliver

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We love our work. As simple as that. This passion is behind every project we work on, it is the fuel that motivates us to reach for more.
We focus on developing high-quality apps that are reliable, efficient, and user-friendly that can make a significant difference.
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We foster a product mindset where every employee understands the importance of delivering value to our customers.
Together we learn, improve, rediscover, question, and create. We are proud to say that, indeed, teamwork makes the dreamwork.

The UX the user needs

For the interface design, we got started by studying the users, in particular their problems when entering data in different apps and systems. Based on our research, we realized that their main issue was the long time it took them to register, which led us to focus on building a quick and intuitive entry system instead. At first, we worked on lo-fi prototypes in order to start validating the product idea; then, we moved to high-fidelity prototypes until we delivered a full interactive InVision prototype for user testing.


These are some of the most important features the product currently has.

Bluetooth integrations

Integration with Topsulin and other glucose trackers via Bluetooth. Users can connect their Topsulin or other glucose tracker to the app, syncing up and consolidating all of their values in the system.

Data tracking

The app keeps a record of all the user data entries, such as glucose, carbohydrates, and insulin values. This allows strict monitoring of all the information provided, which can also be exported for a doctor’s analysis.

Quick data entry

The user can enter new data into the app using an intuitive and quick interface, resulting in reduced data entry time and minimizing user drop-off. This feature makes the app accessible even to children for managing their health values.

Blood glucose chart

Blood glucose chart, with user-editable hyper and hypoglycemia ranges. With the help of visual graphics, users can follow up their blood glucose levels, easily check the impact of their alimentation and insulin doses, and make more informed decisions.

Bolus calculator

Bolus calculator where users can measure their insulin doses and get suggestions. The app provides a bolus calculator that suggests the correct insulin doses, making it simple for users to keep track of their health.

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