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Xamarin support has ended

It's time to migrate to .NET MAUI!

Xamarin support has ended, but you can upgrade your app to .NET MAUI, keeping official support and taking its performance to the next level. Make the switch now to stay ahead.

Let’s migrate

Benefits behind migration

Make the migration move from Xamarin to .NET MAUI for continuous support, performance enhancements and seamless integration. Achieve a smooth transition and secure your project's future.

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Evolve with support

Since .NET 8 (as long term support) enterprises can upgrade and modernize legacy apps.

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Improve performance

.NET MAUI's enhanced architecture and optimizations lead to faster code rendering and improved app performance compared to Xamarin.

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.NET ecosystem

Nested in the .NET environment, it extends tools, libraries, and frameworks, including Blazor, for application development, testing, and deployment.

Freedom & responsibility

Power of collaboration

An active and ever-expanding community along with Microsoft ensure a wide range of resources to stay up-to-date with tech trends.

Why migrate with us?

There are many reasons why we consider ourselves the perfect partner for your migration. Take a look at the most relevant below.

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Successful migrations

We have carried out successful migrations for our clients, as well as for new clients seeking to enhance their products.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction

Our 5-star rating on Clutch is a direct result of our clients' high satisfaction level with services we provide.


Express proposal

Get in touch, and we'll coordinate a meeting to evaluate your needs. Within 48 hours, you'll receive a tailored proposal.

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Xamarin experts

Our extensive proven expertise on Xamarin and .NET ensures a smooth transition to .NET MAUI.


Leading-edge culture

Our engaged team is continuously focusing on cutting-edge technologies and trends, ensuring remarkable experiences and results.

Freedom & responsibility

We contribute

We love sharing our knowledge with the Community, that’s why we have developed libraries for Xamarin and .NET MAUI.

Building together, shaping forever

Contributing our grain of sand to the Community is a key part of our DNA.


Skeleton is a plugin to improve the loading content experience in mobile apps. Available for Xamarin Forms & .NET MAUI.

Material Design Controls

Controls library based on Material Design 3 guidelines available for Xamarin Forms and soon for .NET MAUI.

What’s next?

1. Reach out

Get in touch with us with a brief summary of your requirements and we will respond within less than 4 hours. If necessary, we will sign an NDA.

2. It’s our turn…

During this phase, we conduct a comprehensive project review and provide estimations for the project's scope, timeline and required resources.

3. Get your proposal

We send you a detailed proposal outlining the project's scope, deliverables, investment, and timeline looking forward to being part of this transition with you.