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End-to-end mobile development

Creating an app is not easy, but it is amazing! In order to deliver a successful product for you, we take it step by step, making sure every part of the way has the attention it needs.

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Ideation and discovery

Ideation and discovery

First things first.
We build high-quality apps based on a thoughtful creative input. How? We guide our clients through the ideation process, from research to market validation. At this first stage, all the stakeholders get together (developers, designers, business experts) to discuss the app idea in detail and devise the right technical solution for building and scaling it.

What’s next?


UI/UX design

Making sure your users get the best experience.

Preliminary Design Phase:
In this part of the process, we start by creating black-and-white visual guidelines that will set the path to follow. These wireframes work as blueprints for every single screen we'll build and for every step of the user's journey.

High-Fidelity Design Phase:
After wireframing, we take your design scheme and bring it to life in the form of beautiful, pixel-perfect mockups. You'll see exactly what your product will look like to users.

Prototyping Phase:
We create interactive models using InVision to provide you with a practical view of how the app will work. Besides trying it out and engaging with your product idea, these prototypes will also allow you to showcase your app’s potential to investors, customers, and crowd-funders.

It’s all coming together!

UI/UX Design
Mobile Development

Mobile development

During the development phase, we follow Agile practices such as working on a sprint-based methodology and prioritizing quick releases of features. You can follow up on the project's advance by joining us in periodic meetings and reading our summary reports. In short terms, we're iterative and transparent, and we believe the simplest solution is usually the best one.

Alpha builds that are the “friends and family” versions of your app, exclusively for you and your team. During this part of the process, you can access the working app directly on your mobile phone and ask for feedback before the official launch. We’re closer to the final result!



We like ensuring quality software with the best practices and processes. How? Continuously testing your app and improving it is part of our process.

Our goal is to make sure the user experience in any device is 100% bug-free, consistent, and enjoyable, based on behavior-driven testing.

Key Deliverables:
- Beta builds, versions of your product that have aced all the QA tests. These are also the primary input to user acceptance testing.
- Test Cases that outline what needs to be tested during the QA test phase. We are almost ready for the official launch!



It’s finally time to get the app out of the lab and into the real world!

By collaborating with your team, we make sure marketing materials, graphics, and app assets are ready for public launch.

When everything is ready to go, we submit your mobile app to the App Store and Google Play.

Key Deliverables:
- Pre-launch checklist that foresees we're not missing any critical step.
- Final product available at the stores: the official version of your app is finally out!



Your app is finally out! Great, right? But that’s just the beginning. While users download and enjoy it, we make sure everything is okay to prevent any possible inconvenience. It’s a full-time job!

AppCare Maintenance:
In a world where everything is changing all the time, our AppCare Maintenance service proactively keeps your app clean and prevents users from having a bad experience.

Insights Management:
Critical business decisions should be based on a deep understanding of your customer's experience and needs. Therefore, we'll provide you with the best insights based on customer data and usage metrics. Together we'll set a strategic roadmap for delivering incremental value and increasing users’ satisfaction.


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