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Planet Travel is a travel agency with over 15 years of experience in the market that aims to offer their clients the best travel experience. That led them to create Planet 01 Parents and Planet 01 Leaders. The first one is oriented entirely to parents so they can follow up their children's activities and communicate with them. The other is a platform to organize and monitor the students' travel groups. Its main feature is the ability of accessing passengers' information through a bracelet scan.


Planet 01’s first challenge was to create a platform that could connect parents with their children during the trip, making it easier for them to keep track of their kids' activities through pictures and in-app comments. That way, parents felt closer to their children and confident that they were safe and sound.

Another challenge was to find a way to simplify manual processes such as the collection of passengers’ information, activities planning and passengers monitoring throughout the trip. All of these tasks were done manually, which made the whole experience slow and tedious.


We developed a social network for parents where they can follow up their children's activities in detail and interact with them through multimedia content.

We also worked on an app for the trip coordinators so they could easily keep track of students and their activities, and evaluate the travel performance.

How does it work?

Each student receives a bracelet before the trip at the beginning of the journey with information previously loaded in their profiles. In the case of an emergency, the bracelet also provides students’ medical information.

Prior to the project’s development, we analyzed a series of mobile devices reports to find out what were the right gadgets to use during a travel experience. Based on this analysis, we came to the conclusion that the best option was to acquire the CAT S40 model or higher level devices because of their excellent RFID reader, battery capacity and shock resistance.

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We managed to create a product where one of its apps helps to organize operations during the trip, while the other enhances parents' interactions with their children's activities.

Digital operations

Significant improvement in the overall travel operation, transitioning from manual passenger traceability on paper to digital one, using RFID bracelets that scan the passengers' activities.

40% faster

Travel coordinators reduced control times by up to 40%, while passengers minimized their waiting time to fully enjoy activities.


Travel coordinators now have a more complete and intuitive activity control, knowing where each passenger is in real time, what activities they took and which they are going to do next. They can also access the medical history of each passenger in a fast way in case of any emergency.

Parent’s confidence increase

Parents now have better follow-up for their children's trip, accessing all the activities they are taking part of, seeing photos, interacting and leaving comments in the parent's app.

Values that we deliver

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These are some of the most important features the product currently has.

RFID bracelet reading

Through a RFID integration in the app, we can read every bracelet that contains a RFID tag. This feature is used previous to the trip in the bracelet assignment to each passenger, as well as for monitoring their entry and exit from activities.


This key functionality enables coordinators to use all the tools provided by the app, regardless of whether they have internet access or not. Once the device connects to a network, it uploads all changes without any risk of data loss.

Medical record

Coordinators and/or doctors can quickly access the passenger's medical record by scanning the RFID bracelet in case of any inconvenience. Travel group doctors will be able to view all the data, as well as add their diagnosis and photos of prescriptions if necessary.

Activities control

Travel coordinators can keep track of each activity through the app, which allows them to start it and register the passengers who participate in each activity. After it's finished, they can take a passenger count. They also have the ability to manage each group of passengers, as well as view a record of past and future activities.

Activities’ list in real time

The app for parents allows them to see all the details of the activities their children are taking part in in real time. They can also see pictures and interact through comments.

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