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MyPass is an events management app that can be used from any place and device to track the organization of an event in real time, in a practical and safe way. Its main clients are events organizers and nightclubs that use it to manage guests lists, notify customers, sell tickets and drinks, and promote their events. The app also generates a community around the gatherings, providing organizers with key marketing information about their customers profiles and interests.


Our main challenge was to develop the app's new interface, improving the user experience and making it more intuitive and easy to use. The ultimate goal was to come up with a system that could be able to get new users and retain existing ones. The UI had to reflect the atmosphere of night events, since that's the app's main focus, and attract advertisers and sponsors of this kind of market.


The app went through a redesign process to correct the previous interface navigation problems and poor user experience. We started designing from scratch, developing low fidelity prototypes focused on validating the new navigation system. Once we got it, we shifted our focus to the UI and started working with high fidelity mockups.

By using the output generated in the design stage as a roadmap, all proposed improvements were implemented, leading to a product that offers a better navigation and user experience.

"Excellent service and disposition from the Horus team. They’ve always been detail-oriented and their proposals only made the project better."
M. Galán
Founder at MyPass


Through successful market positioning improvements, the platform achieved heightened interactions across diverse aspects.

Purchases increasing

Thanks to the UX improvements, users now experience a simpler and more intuitive process for purchasing tickets, accessing the event, as well as reserving VIPs and buying drinks on-site, resulting in an increase in these actions.

Booming user acquisition

We achieved a significant increase in active users, as we worked diligently to optimize navigation and simplify interactions, resulting in a more intuitive and enjoyable experience for our users.

Improving user engagement

We have gathered valuable feedback from our users to address their needs and preferences, which has led to more effective implementations and a quicker response to their requirements. These improvements have resulted in increased user loyalty.

Values that we deliver

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That can only happen with a committed spirit, which allows us to improve, work better and see the bigger picture.
Freedom & responsability
Taking into account what it means to develop an app makes us rethink the impact we can have in people’s lives.
Continuous improvement
Innovation is a key factor of our compass, the constant need for growth comes to the office with us every day.
Product mindset
We foster a product mindset where every employee understands the importance of delivering value to our customers.


These are some of the most important features we've worked on.

Intuitive layout

The new design was intended to improve the user experience, providing a smooth view of upcoming events as well as streamlining processes such as accessing or buying tickets and drinks.

Easy navigation

We worked on enhancing navigation by designing and implementing a navigation bar that makes it easier for users to move between different screens. Additionally, we improved the menu for each event, providing quick access to the event's main functionalities.

Night events aesthetics

The UI was based on a nightlife look and feel, making the product really aligned to the client’s brand and supporting its marketing strategy.

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