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Through our m-commerce app, we created a new sales channel for a well-known drugstore chain that allows customers to purchase pharmaceutical products at any time, location and device, while providing a mobile-optimized user experience. Our app made it easier for our client to reach customers who prefer the convenience of mobile shopping, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.


Our project faced several challenges that required creative solutions to ensure a successful outcome. One of the most critical ones was designing a better user experience for our customers and encouraging more purchases. To achieve this goal, our team focused on creating an attractive and intuitive user interface that would motivate users to complete their purchases. Additionally, we had to integrate with Farmashop's core e-commerce platform based on Magento and ensure seamless integration with online payment gateways to allow safe credit and debit card payments.


Our team approached the design process in several stages, beginning with a lo-fi prototype that included navigational flows between the different views, followed by a hi-fi prototype that incorporated Farmashop's branding, and concluding with an interactive prototype that demonstrated the different interactions and navigations the end-user would have available on the mobile app.

Throughout this design process, our UI/UX team conducted research into design trends and usability in retail applications and also implemented many good practices found in retail guides from Think with Google. Our solution successfully created a mobile shopping experience that was both visually appealing and user-friendly to meet the needs of our client and their customers.

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Farmashop customers can now choose to purchase the products they need directly from the app, which also results in a friendly user experience.

Buy products anywhere

Customers can now buy their products anywhere with a mobile smooth experience with no need to use the e-commerce website or actually going to a local store.

Better mobile experience

Customers have a better commerce experience, more flexible and simple. This is an important commercial improvement since Farmashop now has a new sales channel with a high demand.

Real-time pharmacy stock

Through the integration of geolocation, maps, and connection to an API with real-time information, we allow users to quickly access products that are in stock at nearby branches, ensuring that they will receive their purchase in less than an hour.

Fidelity enhancement

Through push notifications and in- app messages, together with the BI services, we improved Farmashop end-user's fidelity, fostering the use of the app through the delivery and promotion of products, in a more appealing and proactive way of showcasing sales using BI services, which are identified as an interest for each particular user.

Values that we deliver

We focus on developing high-quality apps that are reliable, efficient, and user-friendly that can make a significant difference.
Continuous improvement
Innovation is a key factor of our compass, the constant need for growth comes to the office with us every day.
Product mindset
We foster a product mindset where every employee understands the importance of delivering value to our customers.
Together we learn, improve, rediscover, question, and create. We are proud to say that, indeed, teamwork makes the dreamwork.


Thanks to the app, customers now enjoy a better m-commerce experience that is both flexible and simple, resulting in Farmashop gaining a new high-demand sales channel.

Magento integration

We integrated Farmashop's m-commerce through Magento API, with what we achieved several benefits to the customers, such as sharing between the mobile app and the e-commerce the same shopping cart, the favorite products list and other important features for the user.

Payment gateway

We integrated a payment gateway that allows the users to make their payments with credit or debit cards, online and with no need to leave the mobile app. The user can also share their payment options between the app and the e-commerce.

Geolocation and maps

Through the integration of geolocation, maps, and connection to an API with real-time information, we allow users to quickly access products that are in stock at nearby branches. This is an important business differential in comparison with Farmashop's e-commerce, since customers can receive their products through flash delivery from the comfort of their homes.

Push notifications and in-app messages

We integrated Firebase for push notifications and in- app messages, features that, together with BI services, allow them to increase customers' fidelity with more proactive marketing campaigns, with a much more precise target and a bigger conversion rate.

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