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Bar's is a startup with a vision to revolutionize the ecosystem of bars, liquor brands, and consumers by delivering key benefits to each participant. Through our app's map feature, users can conveniently discover nearby bars and establishments and access detailed information about them.

Consumers receive discount coupons from different bars within the app, and later they can redeem these on the spot using a QR code. Additionally, they can effortlessly share their culinary experiences in these establishments by uploading in-app stories.


We developed Bar's from scratch. At the beginning, the requirements and functionalities were not properly defined, as it usually happens in startups that are still figuring out the best way to solve users' needs. To help with that, we led a Discovery process to understand the client's needs and refine the product’s different aspects.

One of the biggest challenges we faced with this platform was the map development, since it should have dynamic pins that identify the different gastronomic establishments. Our goal was to make sure users could easily find the closest places to their location, check them out, and know when the bars had new in-app stories arising from other users.

Developing the coupon system was another challenge. Businesses and brands could create coupons and expand their reach among their target audience. In addition, we also had to work on a QR code reader so the establishments could easily redeem consumers’ coupons.


After the first stages, we delivered an MVP that is now available in the App Store and Google Play. It was welcomed well by users and gastronomic establishments since it is intuitive and easy to navigate!

Thanks to the app, users can get coupons from gastronomic establishments they like and redeem them. They can also search for other gastronomical options as well as view and upload stories.

Businesses are able to create coupons specific to their target audience and distribute them by gender, age, distance to the venue, etc.

The product exceeded the client's expectations and helped them validate their business model. For this reason, the client is considering the project's next phase in order to add more value and functionalities and keep scaling it.

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It was achieved to create a platform that improves the connection between bars and users, resulting in mutual benefits.

Customer acquisition

We managed to attract new clients to the registered establishments during low-traffic hours and not just during peak-demand times.

New marketing channel

We created a new channel where bars can showcase their atmosphere and menu through their stories in the app.

New loyalty system

The new customer-loyalty system helps to retain current customers and attract new ones by creating coupons.

Product validation

The client managed to validate its product through this MVP development, which could work in the market and could be used by different gastronomic establishments.

Values that we deliver

Freedom & responsability
Taking into account what it means to develop an app makes us rethink the impact we can have in people’s lives.
Continuous improvement
Innovation is a key factor of our compass, the constant need for growth comes to the office with us every day.
Product mindset
We foster a product mindset where every employee understands the importance of delivering value to our customers.
Artboard 156Communication
No great job can ever be achieved without an open, fluent, and honest communication. What you have to say is key to us.

It all started with an MVP development

Following an iterative process, we got started by mapping the entire solution flow to visualize different options and validate ideas with the client. Since the first stage was aimed at developing an MVP, we selected the business model key functionalities and started working on them. Next, we designed low-fidelity prototypes and, once approved, we moved to the high-fidelity ones.


These are some of the most important features the product currently offers.

Geolocation map

Our first step was to create an optimized map that could quickly show users all the gastronomic establishments near their location.

Take photos & videos

One of the biggest features is that the user can take pictures and record videos in the app, which later become in-app stories.


By viewing establishments' stories, users can have more information about the places and decide which one to visit. Once they get there, the application automatically detects the location so they can share their experiences through videos or photos.

Coupon creation

Establishments can create promotional coupons to attract new consumers, or those can be segmented by audience, age, user’s distance from the establishment, etc.

QR reading

In the establishment administrator’s view, there is a QR scanner to read the coupons when customers decide to redeem them. Furthermore, users can receive various coupons and they can visualize their available ones. For redeeming a discount at a store, they only need to present the coupon’s QR code. That’s all!

Data management

We developed and provided the client with a web platform for MVPs, which facilitates content management for establishments and brands showcased in the app. It is integrated with Azure storage, offering increased flexibility and ease of maintainability.

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